Industry Insights: Investing for Impact

Evita Zanusso from Big Society Capital was our speaker this week, and she gave us an overview of ‘Social Impact Investment’: investments that have a social benefit as well as a financial return. Dan Robertson from the Finance Society has provided us with a review: In today’s industry insights talk, Evita Zanuso provided a fascinating insight into the world of social impact investment. After having a more … Continue reading Industry Insights: Investing for Impact

Industry Insights: “A life in a day of a buy-side risk manager”

Once again my colleague Dan Robinson has reviewed the event for us: Anannit Sumawong is a Quantitative analyst at GAM, and he’s an alumni of the ICMA Centre where he studied a masters in Financial Risk Management. In his talk he shared what a typical day is like, and told us some of the things he wished he’d known when he was starting out in … Continue reading Industry Insights: “A life in a day of a buy-side risk manager”

Industry Insights: Career Turning Points

What are the key turning points in a career? We will all have two or three key moments in our working life that define the direction of the remainder of our career. In this talk we learned how to seek out and make the most of opportunities for career development. Stuart Sinclair Non-Executive Director, Lloyds Banking Group   Stuart Sinclair currently holds the position of … Continue reading Industry Insights: Career Turning Points

Industry Insights: Model Risk

This was an excellent talk – a more in depth topic than we normally cover, but personally I really learned something! I was surprised at just how many risk models there were. I had always associated them with pricing risk, but there were models for market risk, credit risk, operational risk and decision making risk, as well as many other categories. Within each of these … Continue reading Industry Insights: Model Risk

Industry Insights – Investment Banking

My colleague Dan Robinson has written this week’s summary… In this week’s Industry Insights, Siddarth Malik gave us a fascinating and intriguing insight into his career as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Sid (as he likes to be called) had a truly international upbringing, growing up in Switzerland, with Indian heritage and an American education, giving him a … Continue reading Industry Insights – Investment Banking